About Dr. Z

The kind of experience that helps people succeed

Dr. Mark Zuccolo

Master Leadership Coach

A business coach and international executive, Dr. Mark Zuccolo has been coaching entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers and people from all walks of life, different cultures and backgrounds. A Northcentral University graduate with a Doctorate in psychology and a Masters from Pepperdine University, Dr. Z is a passionate promoter of cognitive-behavioral theory in leadership coaching applications. He has helped people of all ages with his motivating and results-driven approach to achieving professional success and personal balance. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Z’s energetic and practical coaching style has resonated with many individuals, who have felt empowered to reach higher and farther toward their personal and professional goals.

“I work as an executive coach with a select number of senior leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high-potential C-level executives. I specialize in coaching highly talented professionals about their behavioral skills in business relationships, in the balancing of private and public life, and in the learning, practicing and exercising of charismatic leadership in their workplaces. My coaching expertise focuses on psychological and behavioral issues of concern to executive on-boarding,  assisting emerging leaders with critical development issues, helping senior leaders address issues that may be derailing their success, and the acculturation of international leaders.”